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The Kirsty Club is building on the success of the Kirsty Appeal, which raised £5 million to secure the future of Francis House. Now we’re fundraising to expand and improve the facilities and capacity so we can help even more children.


Through our regular and varied fundraising events we’re working hard to spread the word about Francis House, and the wonderful care they provide. You can help too by joining in, donating or starting your own fundraising event.


Everything we do is aimed at improving the lives of the children at Francis House, so they can receive the comfort, care and happiness they need and deserve. Will you join our club?

Kirsty Howard

Kirsty’s Legacy

In October 2015 we lost our brave and beloved Kirsty Howard. A patient at Francis House, Kirsty had an exceptionally rare heart condition but defied her prognosis for over 14 years. She was our inspiration, and the driving force behind a campaign that had raised over £7.5 million for Francis House at the time of her passing.

Today, the campaign continues — more determined than ever to build on Kirsty’s legacy by expanding and improving the facilities at the hospice. A new £3.5 million extension was opened in 2014 aimed at caring for teenagers and young adults, but we mustn’t stop there. Please help us.

Giving care, support and friendship to sick children and their families

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